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“From the moment he stepped into our classroom, Oscar brought great fun, wonderful enthusiasm, and a deep understanding of fitness. His routines are high energy, easy to learn quickly, and reflect a wide variety of cultures. Over the last year, my health and fitness have improved dramatically, and Oscar has been a huge part of my success. Thank you Oscar! Now let's dance.”


Beth Wilson

Atlanta, GA

4337 Buford Hwy. Suite 110, Little Cancun Plaza

Atlanta, GA 30341

(888) 964-5162 

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How do we do it? It’s SIMPLE. Our results-driven approach delivers. High-energy group classes combine old-school training techniques with Latin flavor, powering you through an intense hour-long workout. Your favorite soundtrack makes fitness fun, while you push through free weight training, cardio drills, powerful calisthenics and more. Working out becomes second nature, as you get leaner, stronger, fitter and faster — all while having a heck of a good time. We promise to deliver a workout that truly works at a party you won’t want to miss. Turn it up, sweat it out, and just go for it!

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